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OCCO Endorses State Issues 1 and 2

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 12, 2022 

OCCO Contact: Adam Schwiebert,, 419-966-6255


OCCO Endorses State Issues 1 and 2


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Ohio Council of County Officials (OCCO) recently endorsed State Issues 1 and 2 and called for their passage on the November 8th General Election ballot.


“County elected officials from across Ohio have come together to support State Issues 1 and 2 because their passage will promote safer communities and commonsense voting protections,” said Jill Thompson, OCCO President and Athens County Auditor. “Ohio voters have big decisions to make on November 8th, and it is important that county officials add our collective voice to the growing list of supporters for these two issues.”


State Issue 1 will ensure that Ohio courts can once again consider public safety when setting bail. Local judges, with input from both the prosecution and the defense, are in the best position to make decisions regarding bail. Passage of Issue 1 will empower local courts to make these determinations, leading to safer communities and helping to protect victims of crime.


State Issue 2 would bar noncitizens from voting in Ohio local elections. The state constitution requires that all voters be citizens of Ohio and the United States to vote in state and county elections. Issue 2 would further clarify that citizenship be a requirement to vote in local municipal elections. This is a commonsense requirement that ensures that all elections in Ohio are decided by Ohio citizens.


OCCO is dedicated to uniting county elected officials to discuss issues of mutual concern, advocating for legislative outcomes that are beneficial to county government, and promoting a greater understanding by the citizens of Ohio of the important role that county government serves. OCCO is comprised of member associations representing county sheriffs, auditors, commissioners, coroners, engineers, judges, prosecutors, recorders, treasurers and clerks of court.

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